AEP logo.JPGAnyone who thinks the corporation known as American Electric Power functions any different than any other corporation is pretty naive. The fact that their home office is in Columbus, Ohio and that we personally know good folks who work there, doesn't alter the nature of the corporate beast.

Short video clip summation of the serious problems with Smart Meters:

In the video clip Dr David Carpenter stated that "regulatory agencies" can no longer deny the public health issues related to Smart Meters. Dr. Carpenter is unaware of the 'real role' regulatory agencies play in our society. Many big corporations cite government regulatory 'agencies' in their defense against prosecution for the harm they cause. If the 'agency' declared it safe, than it must be so, right? In the case of the Smart Meter, the electric company's cite the FCC in their defense. Strange since the FCC was not established to evaluate health concerns!

FACT: The polluters hide behind the EPA, Monsanto hides behind the USDA, and Big Pharma hides behind the FDA. The list goes on and on and the story is the same.

Program On Corporations Law And Decmocracy (POCLAD) exposed the scam that is federal regulatory agencies long ago (1998). Jane Anne Morris wrote a great article for them: //
  • "Regulatory agencies are the corporations' response to people's calls for democracy and self-governance. Corporate officials who once hired Pinkerton's goons to do their dirty work and protect them from an activist public can now rest assured that much of that burden has been assumed by regulatory agencies. They work as the barriers they were designed to be."

How can the American public put a stop the pollution of our air, water and soil, if we don't understand the obstacles that have been put in our way? We won't have any success whatsoever unless we expose the 'regulatory' system behind which all polluters and big corporations hide. By the way, the 'system' was also designed to put small businesses out of business via regulations small business owners can't afford to comply with.

More from the POCLAD article:
"It is difficult to say which is more discouraging: that the criticisms have changed very little over time, or, that the suggested changes are clearly unequal to the task. Some of the recurring criticisms are that

  1. regulatory agencies have too much discretionary authority, which is almost invariably abused;
  2. they combine legislative, executive, and judicial power in one place; [including Presidential Executive Orders like Agenda 21]
  3. their personnel and outlook reflect the views of the corporations they are supposed to be regulating; [like Monsanto's former attorney Michael Taylor]
  4. since individuals and small businesses can't afford the time and expense to fully participate, large corporations dominate; and
  5. procedural considerations are so intricate and demanding that matters of fairness, justice, and overall policy questions, not to mention common sense, are ruled irrelevant if they come up at all."

Government agencies were not created to keep a watchful eye over the public's interests! In fact, the 'regulatory agencies' are doing exactly what they were created to do - advance political agendas, protect big corporation's interests and eliminate competition!

To protect our health and our natural environment (whether you live in a city or in the country) we are going to have to become active and expose the 'agency' system as a fraud and work to discredit them all.


I absolutely understand that many good people are employed by AEP, and so-called government agencies. The good employees are not the problem, the corrupted system is! In fact, the 'regulatory agencies' are doing exactly what they were created to do - protect big corporations from liability and eliminate competition! Let's not forget that corporations "Have no soul to save and no body to incarcerate". Flesh and blood people MUST control corporations . . . not the other way around. Another business model is possible!